5 Apr 2012

MAC Fluidline - Blitz&Glitz

Hi Gilrs,

as you could guess from the name of this post, I will continue in reviewing MAC products. Today I have for you a really great thing. One of my favourites products - Fluidline from MAC. This liquid liner is super smooth but working with this one is really a pleasure. You can draw the first line to see the shape of the line and then add layers for more distinct colour, work with the shape, retouch it easily with wet cotton bud - flexibility is the main characteristic of this product. Once you finish your line and it dries, it will stay on its place for ages with the same intensity and shape, no smudging or creasing.  The finish is really silk and soft, there is no such thing as "too much" with Fluidline. As it is typical for MAC there are many eye catching colours from really rich dark black, blue, brown variations to deep violet with red pearls (I am crazy about this one, and I think I can't resist any longer:-) ).

I decided for the Blitz & Glitz colour combination. This colour is described as an intense black with gold pearls. I would say this black in really deep dark black, but there is something in this colour that doesn't make the black so harsh and stand up so much. It always helps to complete my look but it never captures all the attention in the spot where applied. This is the reason why I bought it. Don't get me wrong, the black is really super black :-) not shades of gray or dull shades of black. But this ability to be strong but delicate is exactly the right thing for me. 

Inside of the jar the small golden bits are a little bit visible. They are more distinct on swatches below, they sparkle really nice in the direct sun.

The golden bits are almost invisible on the day light, but this changes as soon as the sun comes out. 

Day light
I adore the golden pearl effect, it is so elegant but modest.
Direct sun light

Artificial light

I enjoy this product so much, it is easy to apply or take off, it last forever without need to reapply and most of all I love the fact that the colour is really fine but the golden bits add a bit of glamour.

Zu xx

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