4 Mar 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter - 20 days results

Hello Girls,

I am back with the third post about Palmer's stretch mark creams (first two reviews you can find here I. and II.). As I promised, here are some findings and results I discovered during the last 20 days of using.
The Bust cream evaluation is simple - during application itself, the cream brings really refreshing feeling but that is all. I don't see any results and the skin even doesn't look more moisturized nor rejuvenated. Unfortunately, I have to say, that this product is really disappointing and I will not purchase it ever again.
Tummy cream is a completely different story. I love the smell and the application. Like I said in the previous result review - something is happening. I don't want to give too much positive encouragements, because I guess that the results are really subjective, so keep this in mind when purchasing one of these. My stretch marks tend to fade more and more. But my question is - what will sun tan do with all of this? Usually my stretch marks are more visible during summer, but now I can barely see them, but the biggest influencer and question mark right now is - the sun and how the scars will react and change the colour. Usually my stretch marks were unable to get some sun tan, but now it looks like they are almost healed, so I hope the skin renewed and will react to the sun as the rest of my skin. Anyway - I will let you know :-)

To those who are really unhappy about the visual disruptions on their body caused by stretch marks - I can 100% recommend to buy products from Palmer's. There, in their productions and formula, is something that really works. For me the best product tried so far is the Tummy cream. 

Picture of the current state of my Tummy cream after 20 days of daily usage.



  1. Interesting, but could you please show us some photos of your scars before and after usage of this product? I have huge scars on my breasts and would like to see if it works...

  2. Hi!
    I am sorry but I will have to disappoint you, because I don't plan to do pictures of my scars on any part of my body where they are. Maybe I am just too much shy and I understand that such photos would be really helpful. But I try to describe the results with words as much accurate as possible. If you have scars on your breasts, I don't recommend to buy Bust cream, because there is no visible result or improvement. The tummy cream does work, but it does not fill in the scars. It sort of covers the redness or hardness of the scars or their edges, so they are not so distinct. I hope I can help you at least this way. Nice day. Zu


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