16 Mar 2012

MAC Paint pot - Painterly

Today I have for you a review of one cosmetic must-have! Paint pot from MAC - a really handy little thing. I tried it once and had to buy my own. A few more information or reviews can be found directly on MAC official website as well as the actual supply of colours. Some people say that paint pot can be used instead of eye primer, other use it on its own, and I personally can recommend to mix it with eye-shadows to change or make the colour more distinct. 

But be careful, some colours react pretty weird with paint pot (at least with my shade). I tried to use it underneath Armani Eyes To Kill in shade Sweet fire (reviewed here) - and the lightness of the colour disappeared and I didn't like it anymore. On the other hand with some colours the paint pot works magically - it underlines the intensity and transforms the colour tone into a completely different intense shade. 

Artificial light

I bought shade PAINTERLY - really light natural colour with a little bit matte pink-grey finish. I use the paint pot usually on its own with heavy mascara or eyeliner. Eyes look natural but matte, this is perfect for "barely there make-up". Thanks the texture not too much of a cream or a liquid, paint pot can be combined also with powder eye-shadows, whenever you feel like to e.g. change the colour a bit, lighten the intensity or create an effect. I don't have experience with different colours (there is deep blue, mahogany gold, ice white and many others) but I guess it can be used as any normal eyes-hadows over the whole eyelid or in various combinations.

Day light

As you can see, the colour is really light, almost as my natural skin tone. One thing is really important, when using paint pot  - never use an eye primer underneath. When you do so - there will be too many layers and crease marks will be visible as soon as you finish your make up. When working with colours, layering - use paint pot's multi functionality - as a base to set your eye-shadows. I personally think, that the best way of application is with bare fingers. The brush tends to stay sticky afterwards and those, who don't like to clean brushes  after each time when used, will struggle to reuse the same brush for other products than paint pot. 

Direct sunlight

I can recommend this product to people who tend to be creative with their make up and like to create interesting combinations. I like my paint pot very much, even though I decided to go for one of the dull colours. My expectations were fulfilled completely :-)

Zu  xx

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