18 Mar 2012

Lhasa & Diamond Life - Nars Spring 2012 Collection

I'm usually not the biggest fan of Spring/Summer collections in general. I don't like the colours, pastels just aren't my thing. But NARS Spring 2012 Collection is different, there is even a very red lipstick that is more typical for autumn or winter. I got two things from this collection, Lhasa single eye-shadow and Diamond Life nail polish.

The nail polish is metallic violet/lilac. It applies very easily, stays for quite a long time, and removes easily as well. I applied only one layer, quite thick though, and you can see that it comes out a bit darker than it looks in the bottle. On the middle finger I applied one layer of Nubar Gem over the Diamond Life.

Lhasa is a beautiful colour! It's a shimmering lavender grey. It doesn't crease at all and it is nicely pigmented. I'm head over heels in love with this eye-shadow! :)

Natural light.

Direct sunlight.
Happy Ostara! :)


16 Mar 2012

MAC Paint pot - Painterly

Today I have for you a review of one cosmetic must-have! Paint pot from MAC - a really handy little thing. I tried it once and had to buy my own. A few more information or reviews can be found directly on MAC official website as well as the actual supply of colours. Some people say that paint pot can be used instead of eye primer, other use it on its own, and I personally can recommend to mix it with eye-shadows to change or make the colour more distinct. 

But be careful, some colours react pretty weird with paint pot (at least with my shade). I tried to use it underneath Armani Eyes To Kill in shade Sweet fire (reviewed here) - and the lightness of the colour disappeared and I didn't like it anymore. On the other hand with some colours the paint pot works magically - it underlines the intensity and transforms the colour tone into a completely different intense shade. 

Artificial light

I bought shade PAINTERLY - really light natural colour with a little bit matte pink-grey finish. I use the paint pot usually on its own with heavy mascara or eyeliner. Eyes look natural but matte, this is perfect for "barely there make-up". Thanks the texture not too much of a cream or a liquid, paint pot can be combined also with powder eye-shadows, whenever you feel like to e.g. change the colour a bit, lighten the intensity or create an effect. I don't have experience with different colours (there is deep blue, mahogany gold, ice white and many others) but I guess it can be used as any normal eyes-hadows over the whole eyelid or in various combinations.

Day light

As you can see, the colour is really light, almost as my natural skin tone. One thing is really important, when using paint pot  - never use an eye primer underneath. When you do so - there will be too many layers and crease marks will be visible as soon as you finish your make up. When working with colours, layering - use paint pot's multi functionality - as a base to set your eye-shadows. I personally think, that the best way of application is with bare fingers. The brush tends to stay sticky afterwards and those, who don't like to clean brushes  after each time when used, will struggle to reuse the same brush for other products than paint pot. 

Direct sunlight

I can recommend this product to people who tend to be creative with their make up and like to create interesting combinations. I like my paint pot very much, even though I decided to go for one of the dull colours. My expectations were fulfilled completely :-)

Zu  xx

6 Mar 2012

Eyes To Kill by Giorgio Armani

I finally decided to write a post about products from beauty brand I adore so much - Giorgio Armani Beauty. I have tried or bought (when you try, you buy :-) ) some of the products and I can say only this - I am always so excited - about unique colours, consistence, quality, magnetic packaging (but not about the price:-))) ) 
Today I want to present you two shades from the wonderful Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill intense eyeshadow collection. I love the small elegant glass jar, but what I am really crazy about is the consistency. The whole Eyes To Kill collection is based on innovative hybrid texture, which is not a  powder, nor a cream. I would say it is more in some way like a moss (but directly after rain - sorry but I really don't know other way to describe it). The pigmentation is superb and you have two pigments in one shadow - to create multidimensional effect (it really works!). I never experienced eyeshadow to be so crease proof, water proof or sweat proof (trust me, I go often to gym and always wear my make-up and with these eyeshadows I look awesome even though I work out hard and sweat). This formula was the first of such kind. I also bought Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - but I just don't like it. Maybe experience with Eyes To Kill collection caused this dislike, but these two, even when they look similar, are completely different. I love Chanel's colours but the the texture doesn't work for me, it feels like the eyeshadows are running away from my brushes (synthetic or not) and the colour is hard to blend or create more intensity levels. On the other hand Armani can be applied with any kind of brush, and you can blend and work with the colour as much as you want. I have to warn you that the darker colours are really intense, so be patient and layer small amount over each other, because when adding too much colour (and trust me, this can happen by just tapping a small amount colour in your brush) you can overdo your look. I checked Armani's official webpage and Eyes To Kill intense eyeshadow collection consist now from approx. 16 colours in tones from warm pink, gold-blue, gold-purple to almost black-red. Go and check out these amazing colours. I have seen them all and had to resist so much to buy only two :)

Lust Red

This dark colour with red glitters is one of my favourites for creating smokey eyes. You can get really natural and light (if this is the right word in combination with smokey eyes) smokey eyes effect but still visible. Or you can go for really deep intensity, but still nothing will look too much or cheap with this colour. The more you add, the more the colour changes and the red parts become distinct.

Sweet Fire

I prefer Sweet Fire for make up during day. This colour over the whole eyelid, intense black lashes (I can recommend Eyes To Kill mascara by Armani) and some nice eye chatching lipstick and you are ready to go. I love the lightness, but also the pigmentation you can get with this colour. Sweet Fire is 100% match for a sunny summer day - the colour sparkles in sunlight and gives you youthful fresh look.

It is really hard to take a good picture, where all the effects are visible, so here are a few I made for you.

Artificial light

Day light

Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight

I love this collection for the ability to last long (I would say forever), wonderful unique colours, strong pigmentation and intensity. The best thing is - just with tiny amount you create fabulous look. I guess the jars are bottomless:) I am using (regularly) both of them for more than 5 months and as you can see they are like new (except the rose one - an accident happened and my jar fell on the floor :( and the content was damaged).

I hope you will purchase one of these miracle eyeshadows, you will love it!


4 Mar 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter - 20 days results

Hello Girls,

I am back with the third post about Palmer's stretch mark creams (first two reviews you can find here I. and II.). As I promised, here are some findings and results I discovered during the last 20 days of using.
The Bust cream evaluation is simple - during application itself, the cream brings really refreshing feeling but that is all. I don't see any results and the skin even doesn't look more moisturized nor rejuvenated. Unfortunately, I have to say, that this product is really disappointing and I will not purchase it ever again.
Tummy cream is a completely different story. I love the smell and the application. Like I said in the previous result review - something is happening. I don't want to give too much positive encouragements, because I guess that the results are really subjective, so keep this in mind when purchasing one of these. My stretch marks tend to fade more and more. But my question is - what will sun tan do with all of this? Usually my stretch marks are more visible during summer, but now I can barely see them, but the biggest influencer and question mark right now is - the sun and how the scars will react and change the colour. Usually my stretch marks were unable to get some sun tan, but now it looks like they are almost healed, so I hope the skin renewed and will react to the sun as the rest of my skin. Anyway - I will let you know :-)

To those who are really unhappy about the visual disruptions on their body caused by stretch marks - I can 100% recommend to buy products from Palmer's. There, in their productions and formula, is something that really works. For me the best product tried so far is the Tummy cream. 

Picture of the current state of my Tummy cream after 20 days of daily usage.


1 Mar 2012

Chanel + Natio = Scarlett Passion

I love Chanel! I guess everyone has a thing for a luxurious and unreasonably overpriced brand, right? Mine is Chanel. So when Zu wrote the post about her Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, a sudden need to own one too arose inside me. I resisted it for a couple of months, then finally gave in, and in the end I decided for the Rouge Allure with satin finish. The packaging is the same, but it is available in more colours, and to be honest I just like the satin finish more. I chose the colour #14 Passion. It's beautiful, it feels good on the lips, only problem is it doesn't like to stay in one place. It likes to explore the territory behind your lips, so a lip liner is a must. I searched and found Natio lip liner in colour Scarlett. Scarlett and Passion look like a great match, as you can see on the picture below.

Chanel (left) and Natio (right)

Natio lip liner applies smoothly, it looks great just on its own! I always use a lip balm under lip liner or lipstick.


Chanel over Natio looks and feels great. It last at least three hours, you can drink, but after eating some touch ups are necessary.

Chanel over Natio

Have a great day! ;)

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