21 Feb 2012

Triumph Triaction

Hi Girls,

if you do any kind of sport, you know that it is crucial to have a really good and supportive sports bra. At least those who were gifted from mother nature like me (34/75 D). I run, play squash, do fitness trainings or visit power plate classes, etc. Without Triaction by Triumph I am afraid I would not be able to do these kind of sports. I discovered this bra in 2008 when I was in Ireland and I was super excited. Direct link on German page is here, only problem I can see is that the page in only in German, or you can try to google other e-shop, I had a really good experience with Less bounce sports bras. But the wide scale of Triaction bras is naturally on the official websites. Triaction bras are divided in 4 performance categories - low, medium, high and extreme. Each of the categories include 1 to 4 different types of bras in various colour combinations. I personally prefer Triaction Extreme N. I will give you a brief description (for those who don't speak German :-) ) and a review.

This bra promises save support during extreme physical performance. Such effect is achieved by special side supportive areas (I would say that there are double fabric layers, no underwire). The lower bra part consists from elastic rubber band, which holds very tight and nice, but it does not pressure nor restricts the moves. Bra cups are very soft, seamless from special high-tech and Coolmax fibres, which provides very high level of breathability and ventilation.    Straps are wider, but comfortable with thicker padding in shoulder area and are length adjustable. Extreme N looks from the backside like any other normal bra. It has three small hooks in three variable positions for more flexible fastening. Extreme N bra is available in three colour combinations - white with red and blue stripes (on pictures in the post), black or white,  and sizes from 70/32 A to 90/40 F.  
I have the white version with red/blue stripes. I don't wear any other kind of sports bra and this one is my lifesaver. It really looks nice on your body, not too massive or dominant but though the support is incredible. Extreme N creates such a nice shape of your breasts, not like most of other sports bras, which re-create the famous J.P. Gaultier look for Madonna (I call it Unicorn). All mentioned above is true and well tested in more than 3 years of daily using. I bought new Extreme N just a few days ago (smaller size) and I am again fully satisfied. I also decided that there is time to try something newer with better technologies - Hybrid Star P.

Hybrid Star P is the latest and most innovative version of Triaction sports bra. The biggest innovation are the air conditioned bra cups and ultra-shallow bra fastening.  Other attributes are the same or almost the same as mentioned by Extreme N. To be honest I am a bit unsure about the innovations :-) I really don't like bra cups to be a bit stuffed, like here with the newest model. The stuffing is probably the new material and really thin, which ensure fast drying etc. but I am not used to it. I didn't do much exercises in Hybrid Star P, because I was not in mood to adjust my body to something new. But as soon as I do it, I will let you know if I changed my mind and fell in love with this upgraded version. 

All I can say about Triaction is - this investment is worth every coin. After almost daily using for more than 3 years the material is like new, no holes or cracks, support ability is almost the same as in the beginning. 

YES to  Triumph Triaction - I can only recommend!! 

Zu xx

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