5 Feb 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Hello Girls,

I finally decided to deal with one problem, which is bothering me for a pretty long time - stretch marks. I got a tip from one person, whom I trust with beauty tips (you should check out her blog, I love it Lucy's Stash). I wanted to try something, but if you are not sure about the results you obviously don't want to spend so much money (I found creams for 35 £ or more, and these creams have to be applied exactly on each one stretch mark - so who has money and time for this). Then I tried to look for Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, and this brand surprised me with wide range of stretch mark creams for different body parts. I got my two from Drugstore - direct links here -  Tummy Butter and Bust Cream.

Lets first review the Bust Cream.

As you can see on picture the packaging has net content 125 ml /4.4 oz and has the shape of classical tube, so you can squeeze exactly/ only what you need. The bottle can be cut open so there will be no leftovers and you will use 100% of the product. The main ingredients are cacao seed butter, shea butter. These two give the cream wonderful sweet nut smell. I love it. Therefore is the application maximally pleasant, you feel like you want eat the cream instead. The smell will last but it is not the annoying kind scent. Vitamin E maximizes moisturization while collagen, Elastin and other ingredients help to support your skin in bust area and increase tone and firmness. This product is hypoallergenic, paraben-free and it is NOT tested on animals. Cream itself absorbs nicely and fast, no feelings of stickiness or heaviness. The producer recommends to use it twice a day - I apply it in the morning and evening. Small drop of the cream is sufficient for pretty large area. 

Tummy Butter

Ingredients included in Tummy Cream (125 ml/4.4 oz) are the same as in the Bust Cream, but here you can find and smell the Soothing Lavender. On the other hand the consistency varies on max. possible level - Tummy cream is like a solid fat/oil. You will see on one of pictures little hole in the middle of my cream - I had to dig a little bit underneath the surface, because I think that is is a bit better to dig a little amount of the cream and smudge it directly on your skin, than rubbing the cream while it will soak in your fingertips and not much will be left to apply. Or other option is to keep the cream on some warmth place, so the consistency is less solid, but I am not sure if the heat would not harm active ingredients in the products. 

I am using both creams for 4 days, always twice a day. Till now I did not experienced any unpleasant side-effects or allergies. The results, if any ever will be :-), are not visible yet, but the skin feels softer and I would say that the stretch marks seem to fade away a bit - I mean they are not so distinct.

I decided to do another post in approx. 14 days to let you know about results or side-effects :-) Lets hope all will be well!

Nice day,



  1. Great post, hope you'll enjoy these creams! They also sell Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks which can be used anywhere on the body and is quite good too. There is a picture of pregnant woman so I suppose it would be good to use in pregnancy to avoid or treat stretchmarks. I've seen a stretchmark creams test on tv and this brand came out the best in comparison with much more expensive products.

    1. Lucisku, thank you for your tips, as ever I do appreciate it - and will do some research about it :) I am not pregnant :D but I red somewhere that it should (cos it is really intensive) help to get rid of old stretch marks - so we gonna see how this experiment will end up - I hope not with a pregnancy :DD

  2. i really like the palmers cosmetics. i was using this palmers tummy butter during my first pregnancy. it was really nice... and i was absolutely in love with the smell of this. but it is really fat and didnt sink to my tummy really fast - i had greasy tshirts and so on. but i found out that this is a best food cream ever. also the same for just simple jar of palmers butter (or whatever it is called). it is just perfect night treatment for feed.

    (and the best tummy butter i have tried was from burts bees...)

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! You are right with the not-sinking in the skin. So I myself see now (during working week) I am not so keen to apply the cream mornings under my working clothes :/ but the bust cream is absolutely opposite - 10 seconds - nothing!
      Thank you for the note about Burts bees - I am watching this brand so closely lately and I am keen to TRY some product!

      Zu xx


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