17 Feb 2012

Palmer's Cocoa Butter - 10 days results

As I promised in my previous post about Palmer's Cocoa Butters, here I am with my conclusions from the ten-days-usage of Tummy butter & Bust cream. 
Unfortunately I have to say that I don't see much changes or progress on my breast during last ten days. Bust cream using is really refreshing, my skin feels smooth and hydrated with no signs of allergies or any other unusual reactions with my skin. But my stretch marks are still on their place. No, here I don't see any results (after 10 days). 
Tummy butter - that is a totally different story. Like I said in the comments under the previous post - the butter doesn't soak in the skin, but there is really no stickiness (that I hate more the any other thing :) ), but you can just feel there is something. Even when I applied the butter in the evening, in the morning I could feel a soft layer of the butter on my skin. When it comes to my stretch marks - I have to say something is happening! I see that my stretch marks are not so much visible as before,  stretch marks rims seem to be smoother, not so noticeable and sharp. Some of my stretch marks were a bit reddish, but this tone of colour is gone. I really have to say  that I am excited, and can't wait to see what will happen in a few more days, months of using. I will definitely buy next one, when I finish this. Lets see if this excitement will last, because I will do next post about the result again in 10 days - so in total after 20 days of using Palmer's butters. I also made a picture of the Tummy butter, so you can see how much I have used.

In the beginning I used just a tiny bit on each of the stretch marks, but with time passing and laziness creeping in, I began to use the butter on larger areas. I would say that you use a bit more from the butter, but on the other hand there are some small stretch marks not so easily visible next to those huge ones, so with this way of application you will not miss even the smaller ones. 

Stay tunned for more results :-)

Zu  xx

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