24 Feb 2012

Etsy Interview

I've been thinking about interviewing some of the Etsy artists for some time now. I'd like to know more about them, and I think there are more people like me, interested in the stories behind all the fabulous things we can find on Etsy.
Here is the first interview, I hope you'll enjoy it! :)


1) Hi Jessica, thank you for doing this interview! Could you please introduce yourself?

 Hi, thanks for interviewing me ☺ My name is Jessica, aka Vocisconnesse. 

2) What can we find in your Etsy shop?

You can find illustration prints, original mixed media artworks as my recent series of little sculpture-paintings I called “Windows on this world” (featuring creatures coming from other worlds), illustrated jewelry: including my illustrations or photos, mixed media jewels including some hand-sculpted modelling clay creatures, vintage elements, crystals and stones...I’ve recently introduced a new category: solid perfumes and lip-balms, handmade natural beeswax products, but this is just a side project in the process. In addition I’m currently going to do a self-produced edition of my Tarot Deck (with a different case and additional design) and when ready it will be available on my Etsy shop (at the moment some copies of the old edition by Museo dei Tarocchi are available at the publisher e-shop).

3) When did you start painting and creating jewellery? Was it always your dream?

Since when I was a child I used to draw and later I wanted to be an illustrator. I always spent much time drawing and creating things. I also liked jewels, and I use to collect stones since when I was a little girl. After high school I attended an illustration school, anyway the most of work and research has been made on my own and together with another illustrator, which is now my partner in life and work and together we created “Diramazioni” (www.diramazioni.it). We currently carry on both commissioned works for publishers and other companies and individual personal works, mine are sold in Vocisconnesse shop, some by Diramazioni are available in a second etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/diramazioni).

4) What is your favourite material to work with?

There are many materials, I don’t have just one favorite. I often like to experiment and mix them, from found objects and up-cycled things to stones, modelling clays (mainly for little sculptures/ 3D paintings and for jewelry), and my computer too (mainly for illustration). A large part of my illustration work is digital but not all, my favourite material tool is acrylic painting I think, but I usually use to mix more media.

5) I noticed your lip balm is named after a Minoan goddess. Is mythology your inspiration? And what other things inspire you?

I’m very inspired by mythology, there’s such a great imagery in all mythology material…By folklore images, tales and weird characters, symbolism, nature elements, a sort of animism, dark tales, magical dimensions. Other things that inspire me a lot are dreams, and music, all that can be linked to emotion, expression, freedom, thoughts, meaning, imagination.
At Diramazioni we illustrate dark, fantasy, weird, sci-fi books and we like a lot this kind of subjects, for Edizioni XII in particular we have worked on contemporary novels inspired by mythology, archetypes, folklore characters and strange stories hanging between reality and imagination.

My lip-balm, solid perfume and similar products are natural using rough beeswax, essential oils and other oils as extra-virgin olive, I love to work with natural materials. I started making some for myself but when I decided to make some for sale recently I thought how to design and name the labels: beeswax is the basic material, so I found that associating “Melissae”, a Minoan Bees Goddess, was perfect! It symbolically could also be a small celebration for the Bee goddess to thank bees for their work ☺

6) What is your Greek/Roman favourite god/goddess?

My favourites are the “moon goddesses”, the ones linked with “magic”, as Hecate, Diana/Artemis. I also like Medusa with her amazing serpent hair and I like how it was painted by renown artists. Cybele, Athena /Minerva with her owl (the most ancient version-interpretation more linked with wisdom and arts), and archaic goddesses too as the Greek Minoan “Snake Goddess” and the “Dreaming Goddess” of Malta. I like antiquities very much and archaeological cultural imagery.

7) Do you like flea markets?

Yes, I like to visit flea markets or curiosity shops and find inspiring and useful things.
When I was a child I sometimes had dreams of me wandering around strange curiosity markets. I always had the idea that you can find magical things, that are hidden among many. In general I think I like aged things and everything which has a strong expressive impact.

8) Anything you'd like to add?
Thank you very much again!

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