11 Feb 2012

DUO eyelash adhesive

Hello Ladies,

I want to share with you an experience with a really useful tool, which helped me to win over my struggles with false lashes. The miracle is called DUO eyleash adhesive, I prefer the one with clear effect after drying but there is also dark version.
For those who never heard about DUO I have some basic information. This product is made in USA - no China thank God. It is a safe latex (keep this in mind when you are rubber latex allergic) non-irritating adhesive used for applying false eyelashes or any other accessories you want to be part of you look. This glues is waterproof - this is really good thing, my eyes tend to water a bit and with DUO my false lashes are perfectly safe.

The glues I used before tend to irritate my eyes a bit and didn't hold the lashes for very long, especially when my eyes started to water the lashes fell off. Also there were problems during application (I am no expert, but other glues made this task impossible). I could see that the lashes didn't stick down to my skin and tend to move. Sometimes I could feel heaviness on my eyelids and my eyes felt a bit squeezed. When you successfully survived during the whole evening with all eyelashes tightly glued to your eyes, the biggest danger was right in front of you - removing your eyelashes. This was the worst part of the whole "false lashes operation" for me, sober or not, I always lost a lot of my eyelashes - it was just ripped off my lash line even though I never directly touched my lash line with the lash band or the glue. The result was always the same.
I have to say that using DUO glue solved all my problems. It holds "your" lashes tight but gently, the effect lasts long and removing is so easy! I often tend to use my false lashes more than just one time, and have to say that with DUO glue it is possible. You can peel the rest of the glue very easily with a tweezer of just your fingers. The consistence of this glue is more like a gel paste, so it stretches itself and easily goes away.
I made a few pictures for you of one look that I created with the help from DUO glue clear. I use the clear version even when I wear eyeliner, it feels safe like nothing can surprise you later. 
The only thing I have to point out and it is more of a subjective preference is, the ending of the tube is too wide, as you can see on pictures above. When you press the tube a lot of air comes in, and then no glue goes out but in the least convenient moment (typical, right?:)) a lot of the product just pops out of the tube directly to your eyelash on one spot of the band. This is a really stressing factor for me. I would recommend to put a bit of the glue on the back of your hand and apply it from that amount directly on the lash OR you can use the other end of your brush - ending of your handle, this will give you small surface and you will reach more accuracy during applying. I got my DUO from Ebay (link here).

I am really happy that I discovered this glue, otherwise false lashes would be closed chapter for me. I can only recommend this product to you ladies. DUO glue adhesive is a really helpful tool to look glamorous and perfect.

Zu  xx

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