29 Jan 2012

Disappointing Products of 2011 - Part 2

For part 1 click here.

Clarins HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer

During the last summer I felt like I want another tinted moisturizer beside the one by Clinique (which is amazing BTW). I always wanted something by Clarins, so I browsed the net and bought this online. It was summer, I was tanned a bit, but still chose the lightest shade. This arrived. I usually have problem with foundations being too yellow, and if there's anything I dislike more than yellow (also as colour) it is orange! I seriously don't want to look like I was eating Spaghetti Bolognese with all my face, thank you very much. Even when blended properly, I was still orange. Also, it has only SPF 6, it seems not enough to me for a tinted moisturizer, which is used mostly during summer. And the sunscreen smell doesn't appeal to me that much either. Only pro I can see is the fact that it is indeed hydrating.

Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

Step 1
I don't get the hype around this mascara at all! The first step does practically nothing and the second step put loads and loads of the product on your lashes, so the outcome is very sticky and unattractive mess. And don't get me wrong, I love dramatic eye-looks with more mascara that is necessary, but this is too much even for me. At least it wasn't that expensive. And I know there are many fans, but it just doesn't work for me.
Step 2

Benefit Stay Don't Stray

One word. Yuck! This is a 2-in-1 product, it is an eye-primer and under-eye concealer. I don't mind it as concealer, but I dislike it as primer. It doesn't work. At all. My eye-shadows crease with it within two hours! And the consistency is awful, also, after a couple of months it turned into watery yuckiness! Maybe it was just a bad batch, but still, it is not a good primer.

 MAC Matchmaster

I can't say I hate it, but I don't understand why they gave me 1.5 shade at the MAC counter when obviously 1.0 would be a better choice. Oh well, it looked good when the make-up artist put it on me, under those lights! I kind of liked it for some time, but slowly I started to be disappointed and was less and less tolerant towards the paint smell. And even though this should be neutral, it is quite yellow!

YSL Pure Chromatics Wet and Dry Eyeshadows

Again, I can't say I don't like these eye-shadows, only I wouldn't buy them now. They are quite nice. Beautiful colours, green and purple are both nicely pigmented, golden and pink not that much. However, they tend to crease on me a little bit and the staying power isn't that great either. All in all I'm kind of indifferent towards this product, and it was a mistake to purchase it. A very expensive mistake.

Hope this was helpful,


23 Jan 2012

Disappointing products of 2011 - part 1

Hello Girls!

We decided to present you the most disappointing products we have experienced in year 2011. The first part is about products that disappointed me most in the last year and in the second part will Petra share with you her most disappointing products. I hope you will enjoy this, maybe you will share our opinions or this all will spare you some unpleasant moments, when realizing things are not always as you expected or wished them to be.

Laura Mercier - Secret concealer (shade 2) 

This product was the biggest disappointment in year 2011. The Secret concealer should be the first of its kind I ever tried, but the experience was appalling. When I opened the box I was in shock,  because of the colour and had to check description on the box - and everything was correct - yes, this intense yellow orange colour is really shade no. 2. I tend to go for a bit darker rich make up colours but this was too much for me. 

But the colour part was not all what made this "my" worst product of the year. Also the consistency is somehow odd - very sticky and feels so heavy. The skin goes dry the very second you apply just a tiny layer and you can feel sticky layer whenever you touch the place where applied. I tried to use brush or my fingers but every time the result was same - no coverage, yellow orange dry spot.                                                                                                              
I am sorry to say this, because I was so excited about Laura Mercier, her products and especially Secret concealer, but this was a big waste of money. I hope one day I will have the lust to try some of Laura Mercier's products again.

Bésame Masterliner Pencil Kohl & Beige

When you will check out this link you will fall in love as I did - these pencils look amazing with an adorable elegant packaging. 

I decided to go for the Kohl & Beige duo and maybe buy one or two of the others very soon :-) but none of this happened. I was so excited when my package arrived - again wonderfully packed and when I saw the product my heart jumped. This is really stylish product, but that are all the pros I can think of. I don't know maybe it was just only this open piece (because Petra has more Besame products, I tried them and they are all good - especially red lipsticks - link here), but every time I tried to apply the kohl part it ALWAYS  broke off piece by piece. So what you will see on the following picture is current state and the rest of my pencil even though I had never a proper chance to create any look with it. 

This experience almost caused tiny nervous breakdown :) I didn't want to give up but also the beige part of the pencil didn't satisfy me. The colour was dull and you had to press harder to get the required effect. 

Lancome Oscillation Mascara

I am always on the search for the perfect mascara because my lashes are one of my weaknesses - sparse, bland and not very long. So I AGAIN  fell a victim to the hype created by Lancome :) There is a button to press, when pressed it casts a spell at least as good as Harry Potter's one - but it didn't work for me. The brush is hard to work with and when you have short lower lashes or thick lashes in (inner or outer) corner you will have to be extra careful to apply your mascara without unwanted side effect called - black smudges. From what I remember (I don't use this product at all) this mascara had the tendency to crumble away. Although the black colour was rich with good coverage, my lashes weren't any longer but looked heavy. Applying mascara with this product became difficult and arduous task for me with effect not worth such effort.

Sisley Phyto Kohl Star Glitter Eyeliner Copper Gold

Unfortunately I choose the weakest colour of the whole collection. It didn't seem so but as soon as I tried to apply it on my eyes the problems began. The Copper gold colour doesn't suit me because there are some cold undertones, so I asked one of my friends, whom suit cold and frosty colours, to try it but it didn't suit her either. It seems like this colour with little glitters doesn't suit anybody :-) there must be some curse ... Also the application is not easy for intense shade you have to press pretty hard and the pencil has tendency to slide on the skin - that could drive one crazy.

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Elboui

Placement of this product on my list is more of a subjective impression. I like the colour with small glitters of various colours. I guess disappointment from this product was caused by my liking of Georgio Armani's Eyes To Kill eye shadows. I expected this product to be similar, but the texture is completely different - cream mossy - and I find it a bit complicated to work with, especially when I need to blend it. But during writing and photo shooting for this post, I think I will give it another try, because the colour is absolutely fabulous :-)

Wish you happy year 2012 with as least "cosmetic disaster" purchases as possible :-)


16 Jan 2012

Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Simply Pink

Hi Girls!
Today I want to introduce you Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in shade 148 Simply Pink. This is one of my oldest lipsticks. Again simple elegant Chanel packaging but I can't imagine any different for Chanel :) because we all know that quality of product is as important as stylish packaging.

This lipstick feels great especially on dry lips, because the vitamin E and chamomile formula soften and hydrate your lips. The finish is hard to describe, I would place it somewhere between cream, matte and pearly - I know this sounds a bit contradictionary but this is how it looks :) 
My lips look fuller, nicely shaped and juicy. It is really easy to work with this one - no brushes or contouring pencils are needed. Although I am a big fan of lip primers lately, I wouldn't use one with Chanel Rouge Hydrabase. 

Artificial light

I took two pictures for you so you can see how the colour looks and changes with the light. Simply Pink is a light tone of warm pink but you can achieve stronger colour with layering. But be careful because then the layers have tendency to be visible and I personally prefer "careless and effortless look". Chanel Rouge Hydrabase will not stay on your lips all day and this effect is even not promised, I usually choose it when I have strong eye make-up and want to underline the natural colour and juiciness of my lips. 

Direct sunlight

15 Jan 2012

Figs & Rouge - Rambling Rose

I stumbled upon this lovely multi-use balm by pure chance, then I realized that even Emma Watson loves it. And I can see why, this is one of the products that is brilliant inside out. The packaging is adorable and its content is even better. 100% organic balm you can put on your lips or use it as a hand-creme,  and as a cuticle treatment. It is indeed soothing and nourishing, and even though it looks tiny, it really can be used as a hand-creme as well, because only a small amount will do.
I've got the Rambling Rose, and I cannot wait to try the rest of the balms out.

For more information visit the official website.

Happy New Year everyone!


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