12 Dec 2011

Alessandro Nail Polish shade 12

I have recently discovered a new passion - nail polishes, so you can expect more of this topic in here :)
Today I want to show you really nice colour from Alessandro.

I am totally crazy about violet nail polishes. I love such colour types in every possible shade. Alessandro shade 12 is such a wonderful, amazing, pleasant colour. I love its raspberry finish, which transforms the colour in intense violet however, the colour keeps it warmth and simple elegance. The nail polish can be worn as a part of casual outfit but I can imagine wearing it also on some special occasion. 

Artificial light

The texture of the nail polish itself is sufficiently liquid and you can apply it easily even tough you are not professional or nail polish addict :) On these pictures I am wearing two layers - the first one was very thin and looked terribly. I was horrified but don't worry the second layer covers your nails perfectly and creates nice smooth, rich shade of colour. The drying time was ok - nothing special but it didn't take long to dry. The nail polish stayed really nice for three or four days without chipping and it is easy to remove.

Direct sun light

I really like this nail polish - especially the raspberry undertone, which makes it special (at least for me).  If you are interested in discovering more about this brand or nail polish colours, go and check the web page here.


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