12 Dec 2011

Alessandro Nail Polish shade 12

I have recently discovered a new passion - nail polishes, so you can expect more of this topic in here :)
Today I want to show you really nice colour from Alessandro.

I am totally crazy about violet nail polishes. I love such colour types in every possible shade. Alessandro shade 12 is such a wonderful, amazing, pleasant colour. I love its raspberry finish, which transforms the colour in intense violet however, the colour keeps it warmth and simple elegance. The nail polish can be worn as a part of casual outfit but I can imagine wearing it also on some special occasion. 

Artificial light

The texture of the nail polish itself is sufficiently liquid and you can apply it easily even tough you are not professional or nail polish addict :) On these pictures I am wearing two layers - the first one was very thin and looked terribly. I was horrified but don't worry the second layer covers your nails perfectly and creates nice smooth, rich shade of colour. The drying time was ok - nothing special but it didn't take long to dry. The nail polish stayed really nice for three or four days without chipping and it is easy to remove.

Direct sun light

I really like this nail polish - especially the raspberry undertone, which makes it special (at least for me).  If you are interested in discovering more about this brand or nail polish colours, go and check the web page here.


11 Dec 2011

MAC Lustre Lipstick

After hearing so much rumour about this brand - we were finally introduced and I was impressed. All was true - rich, amazing, pigmented colours, stylish packaging and good quality for quite affordable price. That day I fell in love with M A C. 
The lipstick I bought is in shade LADY BUG with lustre finish. I love the compact elegant packaging that will fit in every handbag.

I have to say, I was always afraid of red lipsticks. But this shade with warm undertone and fresh lusture finish is a colour I would recommend to start with. The texture is light, you can work with this lipstick really easily. I usually use my Sigma brush for layering or when I feel like I have lot of time and want the perfect look. But there is no need to be afraid of direct applying - the colour will nicely contour your lips and even when you make a mistake, it is easy to correct. I usually get more striking colour shade when applying directly. On pictures below you can see how the colour looks and changes its finish in artificial light and direct sun light. 

Maybe the lusture finish is too much for you, according to this picture. But absolutely the opposite is true - the colour looks perfectly natural and fresh. Big bonus I see in fact, that you don't feel it on your lips (not even slightly), it doesn't dry out your lips and also lip peeling before using is not necessary, because the lipstick will emphasize the natural and juicy look of your lips but will not point out imperfections. I always apply one layer of MAC Prep + Prime Lip, leave it dry and then start to layer the lipstick. It works perfectly together. 

If you are looking for some lipstick that will encourage you to wear more striking lipsticks - MAC Lustre Lipstick in shade LADY BUG, is the ONE for you.



3 Dec 2011

Natural Deodorants

Antiperspirants should prevent you from sweating. Deodorants don't do this, but they are supposed to turn the stinky sweat into a non-stinky sweat.

It was seven years ago when I found out my Lady Speed Stick Gel Antiperspirant destroyed my cotton t-shirt. It bleached its colour. Since that time I had never been really content, because on one hand I wanted something that would really work and prevent any unpleasant smell, on the other hand I thought a deodorant would be a better, safer choice. But I never thought these two requierements could meet in one product.
So I tried a lot of different antiperspirants with creamy consistency, because it seemed better and less dangerous that gels. Then I settled for Radox Roll-On Antiperspirant for a couple of years. It was gentle and smelled nice. It worked quite well, but sometimes after a stressful day outside I came home in the evening, I felt like the antiperspirant wasn't that great. No, it wasn't something horrible, I didn't stink, but it just wasn't that good, and I sweat anyway. Last year after yet another stressful day I decided to look around and try some natural deodorants. Here are three of them and my experience with them. All of them are liquid roll-on deodorants.

Biologika Live It Up Deodorant

 Sadly, this deodorant isn't the one for me. After applying it, it itched and it hurt, so I had to rinse it off. I tried it once again, and nothing changed.  Because of that I can't even tell you how much it does its job. I'm really sad about this one, because its ingredients are amazing! It might just be my sensitive skin, and it can work for other people, not for me though.

Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Deodorant

Not a bad deodorant, works quite well (not perfect though), but after a month of using it made my skin dry and a bit flaky :/

Crystal Essence

This is a miracle! It's very gentle to my skin, and it works so well! I've been using this from early spring till today, and it didn't let me down at all.  
There are two types, Chamomile & Green Tea and Lavender & White Tea. The smell is light and fresh, not overwhelming at all. There used to be Pomegranate one, which I liked as well, but it was discontinued. You can also get them as sprays.
I love this deodorant and highly recommend it!

I hope this was helpful!

Petra xx
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