3 Nov 2011

Lancome Le Crayon Khol

Le Crayon Kohl - the eye pencil from Lancome, is one of my favorites products from this brand. I have several reasons for this :-) I was never before a big fan on eye liners or pencils, but Le Crayon Khol pencils have changed my attitude - completely. 

They are so easy to work with, so if you are a completely new to the world of cosmetics and make up this is right choice for you. It is like a magical wand from Harry Potter (yea, I am a big fan ;) ) - it does all on its own! If you press just a little bit  you will create thin line around your eye area, add a bit more power and here you go - perfect strong striking shade of colour. I bought shades 02 BRUN and 03 ULTRA LEVANDE. I love both, but BRUN is one of my regular choices. When you work with these it
is like putting liquid velvet on your skin. They last pretty long - again several work outs at gym, whirlpool, sauna - despite all of this Lancome eye pencil was on its place almost undamaged (just a small quick adjustment and you are ready to go). I had some eye pencils when you had to use lot of pressure and there was no colour, or the pencil was crumbly, but none of these I had ever experienced with Le Crayon Khol. I have two pictures for you (excuse the poor quality, but just for you to see different looks with both of these eye pencils).
I do prefere 02 BRUN, because the colour suits me better and you can create bright colour with just a little effort. Shade no. 03 is such an interesting colour so I simply couldn't help it and make mine :) Although I don't use it very often (on the picture in combination with YSL Pure Chromatics 6), it takes me a bit more time to create more intense colour.

I will for sure repurchase 02 BRUN from Lancome and I have in sight some eye pencils from Armani - looking forward to do some more eye pencil reviews for you.

Zu x

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