10 Oct 2011

Alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter

I recently discovered an interesting brand specialized in nail polishes and hand care. Maybe it was the little peacock in the logo what caught my eye or the wonderful colours of nail polishes.  The brand is called Alessandro and more detailed info you can find here. I don't like this website much, because they totally underestimated the presentation of such a wide scale of interesting colours - seeing this page I would never go even for one nail polish. But in today's post I want to introduce you one of Alessandro's hand & nail care. It is  Coco Mango Nail Butter.

This butter should help you deliver fast and intensive care for your nails and cuticles also. Although Coca Mango is rich nourishing cream, it soaks in  really nicely and fast where applied. Right now I used it - few moments afterwards typing on my keyboard with no problems. I adore the light coconut smell.  Consistency is also not too greasy or solid, ideal for easy application (massage with your fingers in nail area). Just a little amount is sufficient. Don't worry this 15 ml packaging will last for a loooong time.

Once I had a similar product (I guess it was form Avon) and I was not happy with it at all, because there were no visible results. Coco Mango Nail Butter protects my cuticles from dryness. After each application my nails feel so hydrated. I enjoy using this product very much so far and will 100% repurchase. 

Stay tuned for more about Alessandro - an interesting & affordable brand though.



  1. Teda, to zni moc dobre! Koukala jsem na stranky,ale neni tam cena. Muzu se zeptat, kolik stoji? Ja zatim pouzivam hodne kremy na ruce a na kuzicku Burt's Bees Lemon Butter a CND Cuticle remover with AHA. Mas zkusenost s nekterym z techto produktu na porovnani?

  2. Je to velice prijemne a lehka nenasilna vune, a co ocenuji nejvic, je ti vsaknuti. Produkty, ktere uvadis neznam :/ ja po zkusenosti s AVONEM tuhle kapitolu tak nejak uzavrela a tohle jsem si koupila abych se dostala do nejaky sumy a mela slevu 1000 Kc (ano, nesmej se :D ) myslim si, ze vic nez (a ted nadhodnotim) 350 to nestoji - obsah je 15 ml. Zitra ti cenu zjistim. Ty stranky sou pekne blby. Aha http://shop.sun-beauty.cz/detail/coco-mango-nail-butter-osetrujici-krem-na-nehtovou-kuzicku/ tak kolem 500 v cr a nekde sem videla i 420 na prepocet z eur.

  3. hahahahah tady je videt, ze clovek nema kupovat neco do postu a ve vetsim mnozstvi, pak nemas absolutne prehled kolik to stoji :-) aneb marketingove pasticky


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