14 Oct 2011

Illusion d'Ombre Ebloui from the Chanel Autumn 2011 Collection

The new Chanel eye-shadows, Illusion d'Ombre, which I mentioned in a previous post, are special because of their texture. It's somewhere between cream and gel. There are six colours: Fantasme, Emerveillé, Mirifique, Epatant, Ebloui, and Illusoire. The last two caught my eye, and it took me some time to decide which one I wanted. And it was Ebloui, which is a browny crimson colour with golden mother of pearl/shimmer.

It comes with a lovely small brush, which is good for putting the product on your eyelid, but definitely not for blending. The brush is great when using the eye-shadow as eye-liner though.

In natural light

There's only one problem, it does crease without eye-primer on my eyelids, but they are quite oily.
However, I love this product a lot. The colour is amazing! The texture is nice, easy to blend when you want only a soft eye look. But it is easy to layer the product for more intense, dramatic look. And I think this colour goes rather well with my eye-colour.

Now I only wonder how long it'll take me to go and buy Illusoire as well :)


10 Oct 2011

Alessandro Coco Mango Nail Butter

I recently discovered an interesting brand specialized in nail polishes and hand care. Maybe it was the little peacock in the logo what caught my eye or the wonderful colours of nail polishes.  The brand is called Alessandro and more detailed info you can find here. I don't like this website much, because they totally underestimated the presentation of such a wide scale of interesting colours - seeing this page I would never go even for one nail polish. But in today's post I want to introduce you one of Alessandro's hand & nail care. It is  Coco Mango Nail Butter.

This butter should help you deliver fast and intensive care for your nails and cuticles also. Although Coca Mango is rich nourishing cream, it soaks in  really nicely and fast where applied. Right now I used it - few moments afterwards typing on my keyboard with no problems. I adore the light coconut smell.  Consistency is also not too greasy or solid, ideal for easy application (massage with your fingers in nail area). Just a little amount is sufficient. Don't worry this 15 ml packaging will last for a loooong time.

Once I had a similar product (I guess it was form Avon) and I was not happy with it at all, because there were no visible results. Coco Mango Nail Butter protects my cuticles from dryness. After each application my nails feel so hydrated. I enjoy using this product very much so far and will 100% repurchase. 

Stay tuned for more about Alessandro - an interesting & affordable brand though.


9 Oct 2011

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

When I heard that Clinique is launching a new product - Bottom Lash Mascara - I was so excited! Finally somebody is thinking about people, who weren't gifted with naturally thick (bottom) lashes. It is everyday fight for me to create distinct bottom lashes without black smudges from mascara under my eyes.

As it is visible on the picture below the brush is noticeably smaller than on normal mascaras and so is also the packaging. It got my Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara from Garden Pharmacy for 10 £ (direct link here) service was perfect, delivery fast. I am a regular returning customer.

This mascara is available in two colours - black and black/brown. I personally prefer black mascaras, so I have the black one. The colour is really rich and dark - no shades of grey. The application was in the beginning a bit tricky but as soon as you learn how to work with the micro-mini brush you will achieve an interesting outcome. I always struggle to work with new mascaras without smudges under eyes (maybe because of so much mascara in the tube, I don't know) so I had to wipe the brush a bit from the superfluous mascara, and then it worked perfectly with no make up disruption. 
Those who expect a miracle to happen, there is none :-) From the beginning I myself was a bit disappointed/annoyed from the results after applying. But one day when I was passing by a mirror I had to stop and said out laud "wow what a nice bottom lashes" - and from that day I am finally happy I invested in Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. It delicately defines your bottom lashes at the very corner of the eye. Each of the lashes is separated and there are no lumps nor glued lashes. 
The effect and richness of the black colour last pretty long on its place. I again did quality test (hour or more sweating at gym, shower afterwards without renewing the look till the evening) and my lashes looked perfectly, the colour was sitting in the place. I am more than happy with the enhancing of my bottom lashes. I however tried the mascara on my upper lashes and I will stick with my other mascaras and even in the very corner of the eye the result was not much different or noticeably different than by using a regular mascara. But one day I took with me only Clinique Bottom Lashes Mascara and was forced to used it all over the eyes - it was a bit adrenaline experience with high focus, but I did it - the result was OK with finely looking lashes but with not much definition. I will stick with it for its original purpose. 

Don't expect miracles from this product and you will be perfectly happy with it :) 

Your happy Zu with nicely defined bottom lashes! 

6 Oct 2011

Illamasqua Freak

Illamasqua, the make-up brand for your alter-ego, just introduced their very first fragrance.


It took me like an hour to absolutely fall for this fragrance, and I'm seriously thinking about pre-ordering it. The official launch date is 20th Oct 2011.

There are also three other new products, they are all limited edition. First is nail polish in Hemlock, then pure pigment in Queen of the Night. The last is the sheer lipgloss in Datura, which is only available in the Freak Limited Edition Gift Set.

The ingredients of the perfume:

Black Davana, Opium Flower and Belladonna bewitch the senses into uncontrollable lust and passion. 

Poison Hemlock, Datura and Queen of the Night blossom, caress and kiss.

Aromas of Frankincense, Oud and Myrrh, addictively mesmerises and captures the senses.

Sounds pretty good to me!


3 Oct 2011

Chanel Autumn 2011 Collection & Chanel Le Vernis Quartz

Autumn is my favourite part of the year, one of the reasons is the beautiful colours. That's why I'm so excited about the Chanel Autumn 2011 Collection. It introduces new eye-shadows, their texture is somewhere between gel and cream, and the colours are amazing! A post about them will follow in a week or so.
Today I'd like to show you another Chanel lacquer! This one is, surprise surprise, from the Autumn Collection. It's Quartz 525. The colour is hard to describe, it is a taupy champagne-brown with high gloss. It dries very quickly! Again, I applied two layers. The nail polish gets off easily.

In the morning sun

Hope you like it,


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