24 Sep 2011

Unique Notebooks & Diaries by DeafMessAnger

Approximately one year ago I was waiting at my hairdresser, reading some magazines and there he was - DeafMessAnger. Story of this guy and about what his work - it took my breath away. I made a note to do some research about this artist. Here is the direct link to his web, check it on your own.
When I saw his work, I totally fell in love with it. But I am not that kind of person, who writes poetry or diary - this kind of notebooks would be only lying somewhere in bookcase at my house. I couldn't help it so I bookmarked his web. It was a pleasant surprise when he launched Diaries for year 2011. In that moment I knew I want one. I made an order and right afterwards he wrote me an email how long approx. it will take to create one for me. All went smooth and after two weeks IT arrived! I was so excited when I opened the package. I love my diary and people always ask me where it is from. I adore his project, when people are taking pictures of notebooks/diaries, which were purchased at his shop. You can see pictures all over the world.

When I was traveling in India, I unfortunately forgot my diary at home. My indian diary pictures would be remarkable and suitable for project, which you can see here. I cannot wait till new collection of diaries will be launched. I guess there could be also individual conversation and for some amount of money I hope he will be willing to create one diary on individual demand. Fingers crossed he does because  I want Asia inspired one sooo badly. 

This might not be the famous Moleskine diaries, but there is this unique vibe of energy every time I open it. For me DeafMessAnger is must-have for upcoming year 2012.

Wish all of you to find your best diary!


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