16 Sep 2011

Natural Face Primers

Primers can change your whole attitude towards make-up, and foundation especially, as you could see in the previous post by Zu. The Lancome La Base Pro is really great, but if you are more into healthier make-up, this is for you!
So far I've tried these two, Inika Pure Primer, and Youthful Trends, Caffeinated Makeup Primer.

Youthful Trends, Caffeinated Makeup Primer
This is supposed to be for all powder and liquid foundations, it should reduce sweating, and extend make-up. It says it is for all skin types.
It contains only 100% natural ingredients. For more info have a look here, you can also purchase it there if you are interested.
I was so excited when this arrived, and the bigger was my disappointment, because it feels really greasy on my skin. And would I ever apply foundation on greasy skin? Never! I tried all different angles for applications, different lengths from which I applied it, and different amounts of product. Nothing, it still felt greasy! I was very sad, then I checked the packaging, and it said you can also use this as a treatment for your skin over night. I tried that, and my skin felt soft the following morning. Which is good, because now I have a way how to use this, and I don't have to throw it away, which would be a waste. 
All in all, for me this is not a good primer, but quite a good treatment for my skin. I won't buy this again.

Inika Pure Primer

This is a certified organic blend that is supposed to offer your skin hydration and protection. It contains amazing ingredients, here. It should calm you skin and prepare it for your foundation application. And does it? It does! Now if you are a fan of silicone based primers, you might not like this one, because it is the silicone that creates the super soft and smooth feeling. This is silicone free, but still it feels great on my skin. Just a small pump will do for the whole face! I love this one so much. I bought it at mypure.co.uk, which is an amazing e-shop, I highly recommend it!
The only con here can be the price, because yes, it is incredibly expensive. But it is 50ml, and for me it is worth every penny! I will buy this again without doubt.

I hope this was helpful. I'm still on my search for other great primers, even though I love the Inika one. If I stumble into something worth sharing, I'll let you know!

Have a great weekend,


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