9 Sep 2011

Lancome La Base Pro - absolutely gorgeous skin

If you, like I do, have a bit complicated skin, which tends to sabotage your effort to create perfect make up, Lancome La Base Pro might be a solution for you.
This transparent primer gives your skin flawless silk appearance and increases the effects plus coverage of make up. The oil-free texture creates elastic, greaseless, matte layer on the top of your skin. Thank to this "miracle" layer all the smaller (or bigger :-) ) skin imperfections (visibly pores, wrinkles, tiredness, a lot of other difficulties) will bother you no more. La Base Pro not only covers but also helps your make up to last longer and not to struggle so much when you are in a hurry trying to create perfect make up and something (dry skin on your nose) is disturbing your glamour look. This was a BIG problem for me. I even avoided using make up because every time there was dry skin on my nose no matter what. Now with Lancome La Base Pro it is gone (thank God!) and I am able to achieve the picture-perfect make up like a pro with satiny-soft finish.

used for three months already

To be honest with you I have to point out that Lancome primer is based on silicone, so if you are not a big fan of silicone texture, you will not like this one. I don't mind, there is no disturbing feeling or unexpected reactions on the skin. I would say this technology is nothing new or groundbreaking, but it helped me to solve my biggest problem and I am still completely in love with it. One small little drop goes a long way.
On this product I mostly appreciate the ability to control shine but there is absolutely no dryness. The skin is so fresh and when you touch it - trust me you will wonder how unbelievable silk and perfect your skin can be. Don't worry about the silicone mentioned above, I use the primer almost everyday and my skin can be veeeeery tricky but no side affects are visible. You can use a little drop only on you problematics areas (I usually apply it on my nose, forehead and chin, but sometimes all over the face) before putting foundation or only powder (time pressure + Lancome La Base Pro + powder = ready to go and look stunning). 
This product is available in elegant glass packaging (25ml) with a small pump, which helps you to dose accurate amount of primer. 

I will definitely repurchase!

Say "Hello" to perfect skin :-)


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