16 Jan 2012

Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Simply Pink

Hi Girls!
Today I want to introduce you Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in shade 148 Simply Pink. This is one of my oldest lipsticks. Again simple elegant Chanel packaging but I can't imagine any different for Chanel :) because we all know that quality of product is as important as stylish packaging.

This lipstick feels great especially on dry lips, because the vitamin E and chamomile formula soften and hydrate your lips. The finish is hard to describe, I would place it somewhere between cream, matte and pearly - I know this sounds a bit contradictionary but this is how it looks :) 
My lips look fuller, nicely shaped and juicy. It is really easy to work with this one - no brushes or contouring pencils are needed. Although I am a big fan of lip primers lately, I wouldn't use one with Chanel Rouge Hydrabase. 

Artificial light

I took two pictures for you so you can see how the colour looks and changes with the light. Simply Pink is a light tone of warm pink but you can achieve stronger colour with layering. But be careful because then the layers have tendency to be visible and I personally prefer "careless and effortless look". Chanel Rouge Hydrabase will not stay on your lips all day and this effect is even not promised, I usually choose it when I have strong eye make-up and want to underline the natural colour and juiciness of my lips. 

Direct sunlight


  1. to jeste nemam vychytane :) ale budou dalsi rtenky (krasne barvicky od MACu) a ty si to kvuli barve zaslouzi :)


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