25 Sep 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Black Pearl

Natural light

There is no need to introduce Chanel lacquers, they are famous! New colour is out, suddenly everyone talks about it, everybody needs it. The last time it was Péridot from the spring collection. Is this just sheer craziness, and is it all about the brand, or is it justifiable? Well, the brand does play its role, because come on, it's Chanel! But to be honest, Chanel nail polishes are of a very high quality, and even though they are pricey, they are worth it.
I was eying Péridot as well, but then Black Pearl caught my eye, and it was decided. Its name describes the colour quite precisely, because it really does resemble black pearls. I could be even more poetic and say that to me it looks like sea just before storm. It is a mix of teal, black, silver, and green with metallic finish. And it changes with light, so below are some more pictures under different light. I applied two layers. First just very thin and not perfect one. Then second one much thicker, so it is really opaque. I found out this is the best application of this nail polish. It stays untouched for a couple of days. And when it's time to remove it, it gets off easily.

Artificial light
Artificial light vs natural light



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