25 Sep 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Black Pearl

Natural light

There is no need to introduce Chanel lacquers, they are famous! New colour is out, suddenly everyone talks about it, everybody needs it. The last time it was Péridot from the spring collection. Is this just sheer craziness, and is it all about the brand, or is it justifiable? Well, the brand does play its role, because come on, it's Chanel! But to be honest, Chanel nail polishes are of a very high quality, and even though they are pricey, they are worth it.
I was eying Péridot as well, but then Black Pearl caught my eye, and it was decided. Its name describes the colour quite precisely, because it really does resemble black pearls. I could be even more poetic and say that to me it looks like sea just before storm. It is a mix of teal, black, silver, and green with metallic finish. And it changes with light, so below are some more pictures under different light. I applied two layers. First just very thin and not perfect one. Then second one much thicker, so it is really opaque. I found out this is the best application of this nail polish. It stays untouched for a couple of days. And when it's time to remove it, it gets off easily.

Artificial light
Artificial light vs natural light



24 Sep 2011

Unique Notebooks & Diaries by DeafMessAnger

Approximately one year ago I was waiting at my hairdresser, reading some magazines and there he was - DeafMessAnger. Story of this guy and about what his work - it took my breath away. I made a note to do some research about this artist. Here is the direct link to his web, check it on your own.
When I saw his work, I totally fell in love with it. But I am not that kind of person, who writes poetry or diary - this kind of notebooks would be only lying somewhere in bookcase at my house. I couldn't help it so I bookmarked his web. It was a pleasant surprise when he launched Diaries for year 2011. In that moment I knew I want one. I made an order and right afterwards he wrote me an email how long approx. it will take to create one for me. All went smooth and after two weeks IT arrived! I was so excited when I opened the package. I love my diary and people always ask me where it is from. I adore his project, when people are taking pictures of notebooks/diaries, which were purchased at his shop. You can see pictures all over the world.

When I was traveling in India, I unfortunately forgot my diary at home. My indian diary pictures would be remarkable and suitable for project, which you can see here. I cannot wait till new collection of diaries will be launched. I guess there could be also individual conversation and for some amount of money I hope he will be willing to create one diary on individual demand. Fingers crossed he does because  I want Asia inspired one sooo badly. 

This might not be the famous Moleskine diaries, but there is this unique vibe of energy every time I open it. For me DeafMessAnger is must-have for upcoming year 2012.

Wish all of you to find your best diary!


20 Sep 2011

Sisley Cosmetics

After some time of shy peeking at Sisley cosmetics, I gained enough courage and money to try some Sisley products. Some of them I have and use them everyday without regrets. There are also others that I will never recommend to you or buy myself. But everything is individual and it is up to you to try it, make your own opinion. 
Phytocosmetology (the key Sisley technology) involves using only natural plant extracts in beauty products. Thank to these natural extracts the Sisley products are guarantee of high quality and effectiveness. That at least is written on the official Sisley web. Good thing about phytocosmetology is that most of the product are based on natural ingredients. Hugh amount of resources are obtained to researches of allergies, long term consequences on your skin, tests of real effectiveness accomplished by independent expert institutions. Sisley does not test their products on animals. 
One thing I can summarize about all Sisley products - because of using only natural ingredients and herbs, you can smell this herby aroma mostly in creams but also in other products. You may love it or hate it. 

I completely fell in love with this milk. It suits all skin types. It gently removes all make-up, impurities and excess sebum. Few seconds after applying skin looks so relaxed, the texture provides instant feeling of well-being. There is no sign of grease. I used it mostly for the eye area with not even slightest sense of pain, itching or tears in my eyes yet the result was perfectly removed mascara, liquid eyeliner. The smell is almost neutral with light sage aroma. I was completely satisfied with this product, it did everything as promised. I will for 100% buy myself one of these. The formula is soap-free with 100% natural active ingredients. 

Gel Nettyoant can be a strong reinforcement in your daily morning waking up ritual. If you accept its help you will achieve perfectly clean skin and fresh, glowing expression every morning. Natural herbal extract with essential oils gently clean and also remove surface dead cells and impurities, which cause the weary look. The application is simple wash your face with water, right after on yet wet face apply small amount of gel and in circular movements massage gel all over your face and also neck. Be careful and avoid the eye area. Some products take really time to wash out of face, but with Sisley gel only one splash of water is needed and gel is removed. Afterwards you will experience oil-free, glowing, fresh, perfectly smooth skin. There is some light scent, but it vanishes right after using a cream or your fragrance. I really enjoyed using this product and can only recommend it to you. 

This delicate foam make up remover became my favorite Sisley product and necessary part of my everyday life. I have to say that after regular Mousse Cleaner using in combination with Phyto-Pate Moussant my oily skin undergone BIG changes - smaller pores, less oily, almost spotless. This is a miracle to me! Little pump (bit visible on the picture) transforms the liquid soap-free texture in smooth foam. Apply on wet face and rinse off with water. It will completely remove your make up and other impurities. Your skin feels soooooo soft with hydrolipidic film. I adore this cleanser, but vanishes a bit faster than I would expect (it worries me a bit because I will certainly need a new one, I am addicted to the freshness).

The foaming cleanser can be used for all skin types, but I can recommend it specially for oily skin. It really transformed my skin and reduced typical oily skin attributes. Apply on wet skin. Sisley recommends to use a small brush (purchase is not included in product price), but I am perfectly happy with using the sponge included in packing. The sponge is able to create thick lather and when you loose or damage it, I think it can be easily replaced by sponges used for make up applications. I was surprised by the fact that this cleanser is suitable for men and women. After using the only impression I have is fresh cleanness without any sign of dryness. Besides all the positives this product have, there is even one thing which will shadow almost all of above mentioned - it does everything what is promised and after one month of frequent usage it looks like I just bought it and open the box. I was stunned with combination of effective product which will last for really long time. And when it is finished (have no idea in which century this will happen :) ) I will repurchase! 

Have a nice sunny autumn! 

More about Sisley soon 


16 Sep 2011

Natural Face Primers

Primers can change your whole attitude towards make-up, and foundation especially, as you could see in the previous post by Zu. The Lancome La Base Pro is really great, but if you are more into healthier make-up, this is for you!
So far I've tried these two, Inika Pure Primer, and Youthful Trends, Caffeinated Makeup Primer.

Youthful Trends, Caffeinated Makeup Primer
This is supposed to be for all powder and liquid foundations, it should reduce sweating, and extend make-up. It says it is for all skin types.
It contains only 100% natural ingredients. For more info have a look here, you can also purchase it there if you are interested.
I was so excited when this arrived, and the bigger was my disappointment, because it feels really greasy on my skin. And would I ever apply foundation on greasy skin? Never! I tried all different angles for applications, different lengths from which I applied it, and different amounts of product. Nothing, it still felt greasy! I was very sad, then I checked the packaging, and it said you can also use this as a treatment for your skin over night. I tried that, and my skin felt soft the following morning. Which is good, because now I have a way how to use this, and I don't have to throw it away, which would be a waste. 
All in all, for me this is not a good primer, but quite a good treatment for my skin. I won't buy this again.

Inika Pure Primer

This is a certified organic blend that is supposed to offer your skin hydration and protection. It contains amazing ingredients, here. It should calm you skin and prepare it for your foundation application. And does it? It does! Now if you are a fan of silicone based primers, you might not like this one, because it is the silicone that creates the super soft and smooth feeling. This is silicone free, but still it feels great on my skin. Just a small pump will do for the whole face! I love this one so much. I bought it at mypure.co.uk, which is an amazing e-shop, I highly recommend it!
The only con here can be the price, because yes, it is incredibly expensive. But it is 50ml, and for me it is worth every penny! I will buy this again without doubt.

I hope this was helpful. I'm still on my search for other great primers, even though I love the Inika one. If I stumble into something worth sharing, I'll let you know!

Have a great weekend,


9 Sep 2011

Lancome La Base Pro - absolutely gorgeous skin

If you, like I do, have a bit complicated skin, which tends to sabotage your effort to create perfect make up, Lancome La Base Pro might be a solution for you.
This transparent primer gives your skin flawless silk appearance and increases the effects plus coverage of make up. The oil-free texture creates elastic, greaseless, matte layer on the top of your skin. Thank to this "miracle" layer all the smaller (or bigger :-) ) skin imperfections (visibly pores, wrinkles, tiredness, a lot of other difficulties) will bother you no more. La Base Pro not only covers but also helps your make up to last longer and not to struggle so much when you are in a hurry trying to create perfect make up and something (dry skin on your nose) is disturbing your glamour look. This was a BIG problem for me. I even avoided using make up because every time there was dry skin on my nose no matter what. Now with Lancome La Base Pro it is gone (thank God!) and I am able to achieve the picture-perfect make up like a pro with satiny-soft finish.

used for three months already

To be honest with you I have to point out that Lancome primer is based on silicone, so if you are not a big fan of silicone texture, you will not like this one. I don't mind, there is no disturbing feeling or unexpected reactions on the skin. I would say this technology is nothing new or groundbreaking, but it helped me to solve my biggest problem and I am still completely in love with it. One small little drop goes a long way.
On this product I mostly appreciate the ability to control shine but there is absolutely no dryness. The skin is so fresh and when you touch it - trust me you will wonder how unbelievable silk and perfect your skin can be. Don't worry about the silicone mentioned above, I use the primer almost everyday and my skin can be veeeeery tricky but no side affects are visible. You can use a little drop only on you problematics areas (I usually apply it on my nose, forehead and chin, but sometimes all over the face) before putting foundation or only powder (time pressure + Lancome La Base Pro + powder = ready to go and look stunning). 
This product is available in elegant glass packaging (25ml) with a small pump, which helps you to dose accurate amount of primer. 

I will definitely repurchase!

Say "Hello" to perfect skin :-)


8 Sep 2011

Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara by Tarte

Tarte Cosmetics, that is the name of my current obsession. It is an American natural cosmetics brand that has a lot to offer, their products contain amazing natural ingredients, and all of their goods are cruelty free, vegan and formulated without parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances etc. For more details look here.
As it usually is with the objects of obsession, they aren't available for you, or at least they aren't easy to get. And indeed, if you're not an American, you're out of luck, because they don't deliver worldwide :(  So eBay it is.

The very first product I bought was this mascara, and there is a plenty of them on eBay. Don't worry about the different packaging, it is the same product, but it was a part of a special Tarte kit for QVC.
If you like to have soft and very natural looking lashes, this is probably not for you. But if you like full and dramatic lashes as I do, well, you're in the right place. I've been using this mascara for a few weeks now, and I can honestly say it's amazing! On Tarte website it is said that this mascara increases your lash volume by 424%. I'm not sure about the number, but it really does increase the volume of my lashes a lot, and they are also curled and lengthened. There is a waterproof version called Lights, Camera, Splashes!, but unless you're about to spend a day on the beach I would suggest to stick with the Lights, Camera, Lashes. It stays on pretty well. Even after a non-stop hysterical crying while watching the last Harry Potter, you wouldn't look like a panda, and after a few small touch-ups you would look presentable again.

Two thumbs and all the lashes up for this mascara!



5 Sep 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet

There is one simple rule - if you don't want to buy Chanel, don't try it ... If I followed this simple rule, I wouldn't have bought the Best lipstick I ever tried!

Rouge Allure Velvet is new lipstick launched by Chanel with new innovative formula. Thanks to this innovation there is a lipstick, which is matte but it seems fresh and luminous. The velvet formula is enriched with jojoba oil and silicon micro-pearls to perfectly moisturize your lips. The lipstick gives perfect coverage, naturally highlights shape and colour of your lips.

34 La Raffinee

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet is available in eight shades, which are divided in four groups:

  • Beige Troublant (beige): 32 La Ravissante, 33 La Distinguee
  • Rose Insolent (pink): 34 La Raffinee, 37 L'Exuberante
  • Rouge Magnetique (red): 38 La Fascinante, 39 La Somptueuse, 40 La Sensuelle
  • Brun Envoutant (brown): 41 L'Exquise


You will not be able to resist these wonderful colours but also the classical black & gold packaging typical for Chanel. Because YES design DOES matter :-) Rouge Allure Velvet has super refined "click" opening - by pressing down, the lipstick pops out!


I bought the shade no. 34 La Raffinee - I love it! It looks all natural, highlights and shades my lips perfectly. When applied it feels like liquid velvet, the coverage is perfect and you feel like there is NOTHING on your lips at all - so if you are one of those people who has tendency to touch or lick lips when lipstick/lipgloss is applied, from now on you will be able wear lipsticks happily with hours lasting perfect look. Lips look and feel matte, but the colour will catch eyes and there is not even slight feeling of dry lips. Today I wore my 34 La Raffinee to an 80 minutes work out and it did last all the time (not perfectly like when you finish your make up) but yet my lips looked fuller, hydrated, juicy with healthy natural lips impression.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet is ideal for upcoming autumn or winter season.

Happy and colourful autumn (with Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet? ;-) ) ,


2 Sep 2011


I was thinking for a long time how to introduce Nakate Project, because when it comes to charity people react in different ways. So I decided a picture of my second necklace that arrived yesterday, and the link would be enough. I just think that treating yourself with a lovely handmade jewellery, AND by doing so supporting other women and girls, would bring a little bit of colour into the upcoming autumn.



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