24 Aug 2011

For Strange Women

I'm one of those people who could spend hours and hours searching for new things on Etsy. Just the very idea of Etsy, a place for handmade goods and vintage stuff, makes me jump in excitement. We all do shop at malls and in big chain stores, and some of us do it with pleasure, some of us don't really care, and some of us do it because there is no other possibility. Honestly, I could be in any of those three groups, it just depends on my mood. But no matter what my mood is, I would always shop on Etsy with the greatest pleasure. I love handmade goods, it feels to me like there is a story behind every thing, and it's more about quality than quantity (not always, unfortunately!). But most of all, the things are usually one of a kind, it's not something every other person you meet on the street would wear or use.
So far I've had only good experience with different Etsy sellers, and I thought why not to tell you about my favourite ones? Today it's going to be:

For Strange Women

As the owner herself says, For Strange Women "is a collection of 100% natural artisan perfume and other concoctions fragranced with pure botanical essences." All her goodies are inspired by nature, especially forest, and by Victorian era. As you can see on the picture above, I have a small collection of tree perfumes and some lip embellishments, and I'm most certainly going to buy some more in the future. Why? I'll give you three good reasons:

1) I haven't been disappointed with anything I purchased, quite the opposite!

2) It's very different from everything you can buy in regular stores. Everything is completely natural and vegan. There are no nasty chemicals and it's cruelty free! The perfumes contain essential oils and plant absolutes extracted from leaves, petals, woods etc. The smell is much deeper and fuller than the one of synthetic perfumes. I love to watch how every perfume works with my body chemistry and how it changes over hours. I can mix the perfumes as well and they work amazingly together! And as a plus, wherever you use the perfume your skin not only smells divine, but it gets softer as well.
The lip embellishments are simply amazing and highly nourishing.

3) The packaging is just adorable! But also very environment conscious as all the boxes are made from 100% recycled materials.

If you are still not convinced, you can go and buy a few testers as I did the first time, and believe me, you'll discover a new passion! ;)

Here are the important links:
Etsy Shop

Happy discovering,


23 Aug 2011

Keen to share!

Humble Peacock? Sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it?

That's exactly what we love about it, two opposites (as we are) that together create wholeness. In this blog we'd love to write about our passions that might seem contradictory at first sight, but it works for us.
The main purpose is to share with you our experience, which we gained through hours-consuming researches we have done about things we adore.
We hope this not only to be enjoyable but also helpful.

Take care,

Zu & Petra

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